Galacti timeline

Galactichain Roadmap

the GalacticChain project:

PHASE 1 / BSC Token Minting :

  • Launch $GCT token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for initial token distribution.

PHASE 2 / PancakeSwap Listing :

  • List $GCT on PancakeSwap to facilitate trading and liquidity on the BSC ecosystem.

PHASE 3 / Blockchain Development :

  • Develop GalacticChain's EVM-compatible blockchain with PoA consensus.

  • Conduct thorough testing on the testnet to ensure network stability and security.

PHASE 4 / Marketing Campaign :

  • Launch marketing initiatives to raise awareness about GalacticChain, emphasizing its unique features and benefits.

  • Engage with the community through social media, forums, and collaborative partnerships.

PHASE 5 / Testnet Launch and Bridge Testing :

  • Introduce the GalacticChain testnet to allow developers to experiment with and test their projects in a controlled environment.

  • Conduct testing of the cross-chain bridge functionality between GalacticChain's testnet and BSC.

PHASE 6 / BSC Contract Audit :

  • Subject GalacticChain's BSC contracts to a comprehensive audit to identify and address any security vulnerabilities.

  • Ensure that smart contracts comply with best practices and standards.

PHASE 7 / Mainnet Launch :

  • Launch the GalacticChain mainnet, offering developers a production-ready environment for deploying decentralized applications.

  • Enable users to mint GALAC-20 tokens on the mainnet and explore the ecosystem.

PHASE 8 / Bridge Deployment :

  • Deploy the cross-chain bridge on the mainnet, allowing users to seamlessly transfer assets between GalacticChain and BSC.

  • DEX swap supporting GALAC-20 tokens release

PHASE 9 / Ongoing Development and Optimization :

  • Continuously optimize and enhance GalacticChain based on community feedback and evolving industry standards.

  • Explore additional partnerships, features, and collaborations to further enrich the GalacticChain ecosystem.

PHASE 10 / Community Engagement and Growth :

  • Foster ongoing community engagement through events, workshops, and forums.

  • Encourage developers and users to actively participate in governance, staking, and other ecosystem activities.

This timeline is a general representation, and the actual duration of each phase may vary based on the project's specific development pace and goals.

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